Top 5 Countries Best for Crypto Trading

Countries such as Russia, China and Vietnam have banned cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, there are other nations that see the potential in blockchain technology. If you are a trader or investor, here are the top 5 crypto-friendly countries you should know about.


Singapore is well-known for being open for new technologies across all industries. So far, it has lived up to that expectation in terms of cryptocurrencies. In fact, courses on how to invest in cryptocurrency is a big thing in Singapore.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) also created a new payment service framework. The new system included cryptocurrencies.  The country also attracts several cryptocurrency business developers because of its crypto-friendly regulations.

United States of America

Even though the US’s viewpoint on cryptocurrencies vary in each state, it is safe to say that the government is becoming more open and lenient. In 2018, cryptocurrency was excluded from its security laws. With that, US showed recognition on the advantages of welcoming cryptocurrencies. 


Famed for its advanced technology, Japan is not a surprising addition to this list. In fact, Japan is one of the first countries to allow cryptocurrency in their legal system. Dubbed as the foremost hotbed for Bitcoin trading, Japan is the best place to learn how to invest in bitcoin

Furthermore, many Japanese businesses and establishments accept crypto payments. This goes to show that the government is very welcoming of cryptocurrencies.


Switzerland is famous for Crypto Valley. This is a den of cryptocurrency and blockchain companies that is worth at least $44 Billion. The country has crypto-friendly regulations in place perfect for traders and investors. 


Malta, also called Blockchain island, is considered a global leader in crypto regulation. The Maltese parliament has an aggressive approach towards cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Binance and OKEx, two cryptocurrency giants, are set to open their respective headquarters in this crypto haven.


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